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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions of individuals. Click the question to see the answer.

Are you a moving company as well?

We are not a specialized moving company but we regularly transport personal goods, especially from or to abroad.

Are there any conditions with regard to the transport of our goods through your company?

Yes, there are several conditions with regard to the transport of goods. In order to transport your goods without damage, it is important that:

  • Your goods have been properly packaged (transport worthy).
  • Both the loading and the unloading wharf are accessible with an international trailer (length 17 meter).
  • The trailer is able to stop at the address provided by you without blocking the entire street.
  • The trailer can also easily exit the street, turn and re-enter the highway.
  • You have paid the freight costs (inc. VAT) in advance when booking your transport

Note: If the address provided by you is not accessible to our trailer, other options are available We would be happy to inform you!

Is the transport inclusive of loading and unloading the goods?

The loading and unloading process is not included in transport. We recommend that you arrange manpower to load and unload the goods. If a hydraulic tailgate turns out to be necessary, you can indicate this during the planning phase. In that case we will offer you a different trailer. The international driver is not allowed to load and unload.

Can we agree on a regular loading day and time?

That's possible. Our Planning department would be happy to make an appointment with you on a suitable loading day, for which the planner indicates on which half of which day the truck will arrive. Of course this indication is subject to change. It is possible that the truck arrives later, for instance due to heavy traffic or due to any additional loads. On the date specified you can always ask our planner about the progress of the transport.

Will my goods be transshipped?

Not by standard. We try to prevent that as much as possible. However, there are situations in which transshipment is in inevitable.

Are my goods insured during transport?

Your goods are not insured automatically. We recommend that you arrange your own insurance for the duration of the transport. Would you rather have us arrange your insurance? That's also possible of course. If you notify us of the value of your goods, we can calculate the insurance costs for you and arrange the insurance.

How are the transport costs calculated?

We calculate the costs based on the number of load meters (space) that the cargo occupies. In this, 1 load meter = max. 1.850 kg.

What is a load meter?

A load meter is 100x240x220 cm (length x width x height)

What information do you need to be able to make a quote?

To be able to communicate a correct price, we need the following information:

  • Type of goods that you would like to ship
  • Number of packages (package units such as boxes or crates)
  • Dimensions per package or the total space the shipment occupies
  • Gross weight
  • Loading wharf & zip code
  • Unloading wharf & zip code

What is the maximum height that can be loaded?

We can pile up loads to about 200 - 220 cm if the content is placed in the trailer in a stable manner. If you have a package that is higher than 220 cm we can deploy suitable material.

Are the freight costs indicated by you all-in?

The costs that we indicate in the quote are all-in and exclusive of 19% VAT. As an individual, you will also have to pay VAT. If delay costs arise that are not attributable to us, we will charge you for those at that time.

When and how do I pay the freight costs?

You pay the freight costs when you complete your booking. We will send you an invoice, containing the account number to which you can deposit the amount due.

Can you call me prior to the arrival of the truck?

We can inform you by phone on the day of loading or unloading of the time of the truck arrival. Please contact our planner to that end.

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transportbedrijf expeditie koerier sneltransport containervervoer groupage speciaal transport zeetransport